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Sometimes, I must ask for a very small delivery fee depending where you are, if i do it will always be small and fair – please keep in mind that we have not raised our base price on firewood for years to help us grow and keep our customers happy during this recession. But everything we do in this type of business uses diesel fuel and it just won’t come back down under $ 4.00 gal which drives our costs up daily – thank you very much for understanding and helping us to survive these days of higher fuel prices!

When you order I will e-mail you a response, usually in the evening the same day up to 11 pm, if you do not get a email from me the same day, get back to me asap. It may have got caught in a spam filter and I did not get it, it doesn’t happen often but has when we are very busy. Thank you!

Cash or check made out to Barry Helverson or Helverson bros. When we deliver (no credit cards), mark the spot where we should dump it. We will call before we come, and you can leave the check on the door if not home, finding the check on the door lets me know we are always at the right house before we dump the load out — Thank you!


As of 3-10-14 we are not back ordered on firewood deliveries. Our 16″ wood is cut and split and is usually loaded with red ,white, and rock oak and other mixed 100% hardwoods . Now is the time to buy for next winter. Do not wait till fall . Many people are using a stove to save money these days and wood is a great value- start stocking up with all hardwoods right now wile suppies are good !!! We sell the best (BTU value wood ) on the market – no junk wood in our wood.

Our premium 100% hardwood wood pellets are currently $250.00 a ton, picked up or delivered for a small fee.We stack pellets in your garage by hand this is a good service for a small fee . We are at our yard most Saturday mornings 9 am for a short time only if you wish to pick up wood or pellets – and then we start delivering. Week days we are in and out delivering. Call us ahead of time at 610-847-5448 to be sure we are there. Our yard is located just north of the end of 412 South between Ottsville and Revere on Route 611. Please buy wood ASAP it has been a very rainy year if snow comes the same it will be a hard winter.firewood alwasys drys best when stacked under roof — Thanks.


All our mulch is Triple Ground and of high quality for feeding and covering your beds. We can get playground mulch – email if interested – soil delivery not available on rainy days. Current prices below may change if fuel keeps going up! Delivery charge on far away orders which are small may be necessary- I will try not to charge it – but we use fuel all day and are just getting killed by the costs of fuel.

All Natural Triple Ground Dark brown organic mulch is $28.00 per yard, Premium Black Triple Ground Mulch is $30.00 per yard, direct planting soil is $35.00 per yard, screened topsoil is $30.00 per yard, and playground wood chips for play areas is $25.00 per yard. Mulch orders are 6 yard minimum, up to 15 yards per truck load. Soils are 5 yard minimum, up to 10 yards per truck load (because of the weight).

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Please give us details directions to your home, starting from the intersection of Routes 412 & 611

Firewood Orders:

 1 Cord - $220.00 1.5 Cords - $330.00 2 Cords - $440.00 3 Cords - $650.00

 Wood Pellets - $250.00 per ton

Please provide any information you may want us to know concerning your order. Thank you.

Mulch & Soil Orders:

Delivery minimum on mulch is 6 yards

yards All Natural Triple Ground Dark Brown Organic Mulch - All Natural Triple Ground Dark Brown Bark Mulch: Looks Great! (OUR BEST SELLER!)
Holds dark natural color - all weather use. $28.00 per yard

yards Premium Black Triple Ground Mulch: Great Stuff! Only Spread on sunny days for color drying results. $30.00 per yard

yards Direct Planting Soil: 60% Soil 30% Mushroom 10% Sand - Perfect screened soil for all types of planting or gardening. Black, rich & stays loose. (#1 Seller if your soil needs help!) $35.00 per yard

yards Screened Topsoil: This is PURE soil and must be worked with dry.

yards Playground Wood Chips for Play Areas: $25.00 per yard

scoop Stone (IF AVAILABLE): $35.00 per scoop

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You may order all the mulch and soil you need!